Welcome to Fort Marshall
In South Carolina, there lies a naval base. And at this naval base is the story of six friends - some dating, some not - and the hardships they go through when three of these friends could be deployed at any moment.

Name: Quinn Fabray

Age: 23.

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Engaged to Sam Evans.

Background: Quinn was born to two loving, yet extremely distant, parents in  Seattle, Washington. Her father was a lawyer, while her mother focused on being a socialite. Quinn learned to be independent at a young age, not even bothering to rely on her older sister Frannie. Because of this, the blonde excelled in most aspects of life, especially academics. After graduating from high school, she was accepted to a university in South Carolina, where she majored in Psychology (focusing on child work). Because of this, Quinn was the perfect person for the psychologist position at Fort Marshall. There, she met Sam Evans and the two quickly fell in love and got engaged. Now, she couldn’t be happier with where she is, but she is constantly worrying about the day her fiancee will be deployed once again.

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Name: Sam Evans

Age: 23

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Engaged to Quinn Fabray.

Background: Army bred, Sam Evans grew up idolizing his father; wishing that someday he’d be as big of a hero as his father was. The comic books he read never came close to Jonathan Evans. After devastatingly losing his father at the age of 17, Sam vowed to follow the footsteps of his biggest hero and fight for his country, no matter what the cost. Of course, he never expected he’d fall so fast for the psychologist on Fort Marshall and have a fiancee to think about; complicating his motives.

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Name: Noah Puckerman

Age: 23

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Dating Rachel Berry.

Background:  Noah Puckerman was born to a very nurturing, loving mother, and a hard cold, military father. All Noah ever thought about growing up, was the army this and the army that. Unlike most boys, who had posters of basketball, football and scantily clad girls, Noah had pictures of soldiers, of tanks, of the army everything. When he had graduated high school, he enlisted right away and had been deployed practically after he signed the papers. He had done his time and gone back, biding his time while he waited some more. There, he met Rachel Berry, and knew she was it. They’d been dating for quite some time now and Puck loved her with everything he had. Now he waits at Fort Marshall, waiting to be deployed. He’s scared now, that he’ll leave Rachel, but the army is the most important thing in his life, the only thing he knows how to do and he just can’t leave. Not even for Rachel.

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Name: Rachel Berry

Age: 22

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Dating Noah Puckerman.

Background: Rachel Barbra Berry* was born a star, growing up with her father’s encouraging her into the arts and paying for every lesson she desired. She knew that greatness was in her eyesight. After graduating high school and being accepted into the prestigious Performing Art’s College NYADA, it was in her second year at NYADA did she meet Noah Puckerman, a man she knew she wished to spend the rest of her life with. Now that she has graduated with honors, she is waiting for that big break into the show business, while spending as much time with Noah and supporting him as he waits once more to be deployed. 

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Name: Finn Hudson

Age: 24

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Married to Santana Lopez.

Background: Finn Hudson never met his father, but he was the driving force for his decision to join the military. He father died in Operation: Desert Storm as a marine. He was all that he could be and that’s all Finn wanted for himself. He wanted to make his mother proud, his country proud, and make himself proud. Once he graduated from high school, he enlisted right away and dove straight into what he knew he was meant to do. Finn knew that he was meant to be a leader; a hero. He dedicated himself to the military, not really worrying about having a personal life until he met Santana Lopez. The Latina was his counter opposite. He was a goofy quiet guy and she was a fiery hot mess, but somehow it just worked. The next thing he knew they were married and he was happy. Everything in his life was just how he pictured it. Now he wants to bring up the idea of kids to her, but with the inevitable possibility that he could be deployed from Fort Marshall at any moment, he doesn’t know how well that’s going to go over with her.

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Name: Santana Lopez

Age: 23

Open/Taken: Taken

Marital Status: Married to Finn Hudson.

Background: Santana was born to two Puerto Rican parents in Passaic, New Jersey. Her father was a construction worker and her mother was a secretary/translator at a health clinic in the old neighborhood. From a young age, Santana knew she didnt want to stay in that neighborhood. She wanted to make something of herself and get the fuck out of there. Santana got good grades in high school and got a scholarship to a Southern California University for cheerleading. It was there that she met Finn Hudson, the only guy that managed to get the girl to loosen up. He was funny and a bit of a doof. They are complete opposites, but it just works. They fool around and he is about the only person that can force her to be cute. She loves him with all her heart and lets him know in her own special way. Now that they are married, Santana is hoping that they can have a little boy. Usually she is upfront about what she wants, but, with the very real possibility of Finn getting deployed, she is too afraid to try. To be honest, she couldnt imagine what being away from their child would do to Finn, who she knows would be an amazing father.

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Rachel Berry
Noah Puckerman

Santana Lopez
Finn Hudson
Sam Evans
Quinn Fabray

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Audition Form. 

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  1. No OOC drama. There is a reason that this is the first rule. We’re all here to have fun. Don’t start OOC problems. IC drama is fine, of course.
  2. Be active. If you are not active for three days without warning, you will be removed.
  3. When you reblog a conversation, reblog it as text. Also, make sure to cut the post down. This is more to keep the dash organized than anything else. 
  4. Be literate. This is a multi-para roleplay, so it is kind of necessary to be literate. Some mistakes are fine.
  5. This roleplay is mature. If you have any problem with mature themes, please do not audition.
  6. No god-modding. Do not control other people’s characters.
  7. Activate your ask and have a link for the Main rpg on your page. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your theme.
  8. Para! Most rpgs die because people stick to conversations instead of actual para-ing. There will be a heavy focus on para-ing here.
  9. We will not be changing any ships. Obviously they were chosen for a reason.
  10. Major storylines, like pregnancy, should be discussed with the main page. This is just to make sure we dont have 60 nearly fatal car accidents.

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